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How does it work?

Each set, or semester, is printed on cards that are bound together on a binder ring. There are 15 cards in each category—one for each week. The rings keep everything together in a format that is easy to use and not easy to lose. These are the categories:

Books of the Bible

Books of the Bible

Knowing the books of the Bible is useful throughout the life of a Christian. This is the easiest category to master. Children as young as two or three years old can learn and recite the books of the Bible.



Often children are not explained the doctrines of their faith until they reach confirmation class in middle school. Raising them up with these truths in their ears and on their tongues gives them a solid grounding and a head start.

Bible Passages

Bible Verses

On My Heart covers 60 commonly memorized Bible passages. The verses are loosely matched with the Catechism portion for each week.


Bible Timeline

Learning Bible stories in a timeline format gives a holistic view of Bible history. Not only do children hear and learn the stories, they are also able to place characters and events in context. We suggest using motions to help children remember the timeline events and to make practicing memory work more fun.

We'd love to know who's using our program! Send us an email and let us know how it's working out for you. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome too.