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What is it?

On My Heart Curriculum
Set Books of the Bible Luther's Small Catechism Bible Passages Bible Timeline
1 Old and New Testament
books are covered every semester.
Ten Commandments Verses are unique to each set and are chosen to fit with the portion of Luther's Small Catechism being studied. Old Testament Timeline
2 Apostles' Creed New Testament Timeline
3 Baptism, Communion, The Keys, Confession Old Testament Timeline
4 The Lord's Prayer New Testament Timeline

On My Heart is a memory work program designed to bring the material presented in Sunday school into the home. It is a tool to help parents add memory work into their daily family devotion time. The On My Heart program is a four-semester cycle that covers the books of the Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, 60 Bible verses, and the main events of the Old and New Testament timelines.

The On My Heart program is designed to be repetitive. Students can focus on learning one category at first and then, as their mastery grows, add more categories in later semesters. The goal is to eventually acheive full mastery of all four categories in the course of the semester. While this goal is difficult for a student to achieve in their first semester of the program, with repeated exposure the material becomes more manageable.

We'd love to know who's using our program! Send us an email and let us know how it's working out for you. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome too.